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By interactive 05 Sep, 2017

You have many issues to consider as you search for the perfect apartment. One potential decision you will face is whether it is advantageous to search for apartments with utilities included. The answer depends upon your perspective. Do you like the idea of knowing precisely how much your total living expenses are going to be each month or do you think you can better manage your budget if you control utility costs?

Utilities-included apartments work like this: you agree to make a monthly payment that covers rent plus a flat fee for basic utilities. These utilities normally cover electricity, gas, water, and trash pick-up, although every landlord defines "basic utilities" a bit differently. It sounds great at first, and for your particular situation it may be the perfect solution. However, like all major decisions, you can benefit from a pro and con list in order to consider every angle.

By interactive 09 Aug, 2017

It's a common problem: you're looking for apartments for rent in Quincy, IL. There is a specific area you like and price you can afford.  You find one you think might work, if only a few features were upgraded. The walls are painted an awful builder's grade white, the appliances are old, and the carpets are stained. A tiny voice reminds you that this is a rental and not truly yours to improve. Still, you wonder…

By interactive 06 Jul, 2017

On average, security deposits equal one to two months’ rent with additional fees to compensate for bad credit or cover potential pet damages. If you do not take the proper steps before, during, and after your lease term, you could lose the entire security deposit at move-out. Luckily, you can follow the best practices listed below to increase your chances of receiving your security deposit back in full at the end of your rental period.

By interactive 02 Jun, 2017

Although signing a long lease agreement has its benefits, sometimes the extended commitment can backfire. If you want to change jobs or simply find your dream home soon after moving, you will either have to pay a huge fee to break your lease or simply stay put until the end of your rental contract. To keep your options open, you may pursue a rental with a month-to-month lease agreement instead. When you select this option, you will enjoy the three following benefits.

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